Losing Weight After Pregnancy: Clothes

I’ve lost forty pounds since January. I’m now 9 mo the postpartum. This is a great accomplishment for me, yet it doesn’t come without some weird side effects.

On the left-me on July 24th 2022, on the right me on January 3rd 2022.

I’m predisposed to losing weight on the top portion of my body first. This is aggravating for a couple of reason.


Let me just say I’ve spent some money on some nice bras and they no longer fit. Then purchasing more was just ridiculous because it seemed I was in between sizes. Needless to say, I waited months to but new ones and just wore sports bras.

Workout Leggings

This bothers me a lot. I have a small waist line and a huge ass and legs. So I need large workout pants. Well, the larges are falling off when I’m at Orangetheory. It’s embarrassing. I’m constantly adjusting my clothes. I have yet to find a “Marge” size pant. That’s the size between a medium and a large.

This is the third time I’ve had to lose weight after childbirth so this always is an issue for me. If you could suggestion some great workout pants, let me know!


I love Brooks running shoes. I have chronic foot pain. I literally don’t know what it’s like not to have pain when I walk. However, some good Brooks and some insoles make exercise tolerable. Since I try to workout at least five times a week, the shoes and the insoles need to be replaced more often. Guess what? They are expensive. When my shoes start to become worn down, my feet, knees and back tell me it’s time for a new pair. This is coming more often now that I’m more active.

Also, besides clothes, I really need a damn cookie sometimes. I refuse to feel guilty for that indulgence every once in a while. This does come with the price of not losing weight as fast as I could however, I’m still making progress!

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