The Blended Bakery, Lexington SC: High Tea

I had the opportunity to reserve a spot for “high tea” at The Blended Bakery. Before I begin, I’d like to address the “high tea” vs the “afternoon tea” controversy.

First and foremost, this is not England. This bakery is creating an amazing, unique experience that is different from any other dining options. In my humble opinion, the phrase “high tea” sounds fancier than afternoons tea. To add complexity to this, you have to make reservations for this service and the times range from early morning to 11am. This is because their space is limited and they do have a reservation only dinner service in the evening.

However, I know there will be those hell bent on debating what “tea” this was. I am not here for that. I’m simply here to highlight a wonderful visit and meal I had with friends at a small business.

When you walk into The Blended Bakery, your eye is drawn to the dark blue painted walls lined with old framed photos that transport you to another era.

The meticulously placed variety of frames distracts you for a second, then you notice the laced tables, placed as though they were dancing the waltz. You and your company are lead to your seat.

I started with a mimosa. It was Saturday morning and-why not! The tea came next. You could go Captain Picard, with an Earl Gray, or a breakfast tea. We went with the Earl Gray. If you’ve never had it, it has a very unique taste. Although its subtle, once you’ve had it, you will definitely understand the difference between it and other flavored teas.

The tea cups and plates also made the food and tea taste so much better! Everything was so perfect, it was like being taken away to another time for the duration of the service.

Although it was tempting to eat everything, we tried to follow the proper etiquette and we started with our finger sandwiches. They were very good; comprised of cucumber and chicken. A bowl full of cake pops and brownie bites tempting me to my left: I resisted .

After sandwiches, we dove into the bottom tier of our dessert tower. The sweet and savory hand held pastries, cookies and scones seemed to never end. I had to have everything. I took one of each treat from each tier as we worked our way up. The below photo, was from the bottom tier.

We laughed, we talked about the petty food we were eating, we enjoyed each other and the atmosphere of the bakery. I will definitely be doing this again!

The Blended Bakery is located in Lexington South Carolina, off Sunset Blvd. They are in a small shopping center across from Target. If you want to make reservations, or find out more information, visit their website at The Blended Bakery.

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