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2020 Fall Arts & Crafts Market Extravaganza

Saturdays in Soda City -2020 Fall Arts & Crafts Market

Saturdays in Soda City – If you’re looking for something to do next weekend, September 19, 2020, to put you in the fall spirit- look no further than the 2020 Fall Arts & Crafts Market Extravaganza.

Deceased Farm Fall Activity

Deceased Farm Opening Night (and Other Fall Fun)

Fall Activity: So it may be wishful thinking, but whenever the first cool breeze blows through South Carolina and football tailgate planning starts happening- I’m more than ready for Spooky Season. If you’re looking to ramp things up a notch this year, look no farther than Deceased Farm.

Charleston Ghost Tours

Charleston Ghost Tours

Charleston Ghost Tours: Known as the Holy City, Charleston, South Carolina is bustling with things to do all year round. However, visitors of the Holy City may not know of its poignant past. With some historical context, it is easy to see why Charleston, South Carolina, would be the prime place to go on a ghost tour.