Pirate Island in Florida: Gasparilla Island

The legend of the pirate José Gaspar, has been a cause for parades, parties and treasure hunting in Florida for years. José Gaspar, is a mysterious pirate whose story was heighten by a promotional brochure seeking tourist to the Gasparilla … Continue reading Pirate Island in Florida: Gasparilla Island

Apple Recipes: What To Do With All These Apples

It goes without saying that one of the best parts of Fall in the South is apple picking. This rite of passage (into Fall) is a great family Fall activity but oftentimes leaves apple pickers what to do with their plentiful bounty. Aside from the traditional go-to of apple pie, there are also Southern Fried Apples, Fried Apple Hand Pies, and Swedish Apple Cake. All of which pairs quite nicely with vanilla bean ice cream. Find this tasty apple recipes below.  Southern Fried Apples There is something nearly nostalgic about Southern Fried Apples. They’ve been a staple of brunch at … Continue reading Apple Recipes: What To Do With All These Apples

Start Your Fall Off Right at SkyTop Orchard

There is a Hidden Gem in Flat Rock North Carolina-SkyTop Orchard

SkyTop Orchard is surrounded by trees, mountains, and more importantly contains everything apple!

The orchard started off as a few trees in the early 60’s then expanded in the 80’s to become an Apple supplier to grocery stores. David Butler, son of the orchard owner at the time, who was attending college in Florida moved to Columbia South Carolina to attend USC to be closer to his family. This way he could help with the growing business. It was at USC that David met his wife Lindsay and they both started “picking” apples together.

We haven’t lost our enthusiasm for the farm and enjoy passing along our knowledge and appreciation for nature and agriculture to others. Often your children will meet us before you do because they’ve visited on a field trip. Many of today’s kids don’t have ties to a farm like generations past so we like showing them how apples grow, what it takes to get an apple from the tree to their tummies and why not all apple varieties are available all season.

SkyTop Orchard -David and Lindsey Butler

David and Lindsey have caused a frenzy over their Apple Cider Doughnuts, which are a huge attraction to their orchard. People come from everywhere to enjoy the smells, sights and fantastic apples that are tested and approved for their ripeness before they are allowed to be picked.

we don’t open areas for picking until we’ve tested for sugar content and made sure apples are at peak perfection.

SkyTop Orchard -David and Lindsey Butler
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Winery in North Carolina-Overmountain Vineyards

Tryon North Carolina is harbouring a secret; they have a family owned vineyard that uncorks endless possibilities with notes of exploration and relaxation. Vineyards have been a source of happiness for centuries. The word came from the combination of vine-yard or wine yard. A vineyard is a “grape plantation” that grows and sells grapes for wine. Although, a winery can make wine, they get their grapes from a vineyard. Overmountain is both. Here you can experience a wine grape from start to finish. The land for the vineyard was purchased in 1990 by Frank and Lita Lilly. They started planting … Continue reading Winery in North Carolina-Overmountain Vineyards

Morgan Island SC: Monkey Island in SC

Did you know that South Carolina has an island with monkeys on it? Who knew Beaufort holds an island with a large population of monkeys. Although it is prohibited to visit the island, which I’ll further explain, you can still take kayak and other water craft near the island and get a glimpse of the chimps. History of the Island Morgan island is owned and managed by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. It is approximately 2000 acres and 400 acres are leased to Charles River Laboratories. The monkeys themselves are owned by another company and they do use … Continue reading Morgan Island SC: Monkey Island in SC