The Blended Bakery-Weekly Take Home Meals

The Blended Bakery & Bistro has introduced a new experience to their menu. Weekly take home meals will be available for pick up on Saturdays.

Are you busy and tired at the end of the day? Do you have the urge to cook a good meal but you are exhausted? Are you already dreading the busy week you have ahead of you?

Meal services have become a need for some families who value dinners and healthy food options. Not only do they provide means to having good food at your table, they take out the time that is needed to be spent on preparing, cleaning and cook time. Often, we can find ourselves browsing meal plans, recipes and then the grocery store just to come up with something to make for dinner. Complete meals to go provide that much needed answer to the question; “What’s for Dinner?”

Over the past couple of weeks, I got to taste what the bistro had to offer for this service. We were given the meals to take home and make for our families. We were then asked to review them and give our feedback.

I have a family of six. It is hard to please everyone, however the dinners were so good, that we never had leftovers. Pictured below is the beef stew that is currently on their take home menu. I added a homemade biscuit because I love to bake, but I am not a great cook and sometimes stumble on creativity in that area. This was super easy and packed with flavor. It was a simple re-heat-and-eat dish that was easily one of our favorites.

Blended Bakery Beef Stew

This week The Blended Bakery is offering ordering is ending on March the 4th and meals will be available for pickup on March 11th from 8am-2pm. Choose from their beef stew, baked spaghetti, chicken pot pie, chicken cor don bleu and more. You can also choose from a selection of desserts and other add-ons to go with your meals.

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