Halloween Candy: A Case for Twizzlers to be Packaged by Themselves


It’s that time again. The leaves are turning hues of orange and browns. The wind is cool and the fall breeze brings us that familiar crisp cool weather.

I often start my Halloween and Fall decorating in September. I love visiting the stores and seeing all the amazing things I could put in my home. From pumpkins to skeletons, and the like, I love creating an atmosphere welcoming of this sweet fun holiday.

I also, love to the giant variety bags of Halloween candy. The decorative bowls I have house these treats and everyone in the family loves them. However, through the years I’ve noticed a common problem: Twizzlers, which happen to be one of my favorites, permeate a variety candy bag . Their familiar licorice aroma can overpower any chocolate. Not only that, their smell will live in your mini Reese’s Cup, your Almond Joy and even your Whoppers!

For this reason, I am advocating that we launch a campaign for Twizzlers to be solely packaged by themselves. Do we love them? Yes. Is this a punishment? No! It’s just a reminder of how powerful this chewy classic candy can be.

Please join me in this campaign!

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