Weight Loss Journey-Part Three

Well I’m still hanging in there. I’ve definitely become much stronger. I feel lighter and although I’m not at my goal weight, the light at the end of the tunnel seems reachable.

I haven’t been perfect on my diet. I love food and struggle everyday with the social aspect of eating. Isn’t eating so amazing! We center so much around food and then when we have to limit certain things, life doesn’t seem that exciting.

We live in a culture where food is of abundance. We have so much variety, that most of the time we can’t decide where or what to eat. Some people say: “think of food as fuel for your body” sure, but I want it to look pretty- my food that is, I mean my body too!

Is there even a way to combat feeling miserable about not being able to eat what you want? I think it’s more attitude than anything. Your attitude towards food has to be one of acceptance for what is and what you’re trying to accomplish. Don’t think of it in terms as you can’t have fun anymore, in fact, make one meal a week fun. Have something to look forward to and then plan for that!

I often eat out with my kids because I have no friends , but what I have found is that I’m most happy not placing these strict guidelines on myself.

I might have a nice salad, and a piece of a cookie. Or I’ll eat a chicken sandwich and remove the top part of the bun. It’s little adjustments that make a difference and most of the time, I don’t want to deviate from my diet at all. It’s ok! I give myself options and I know I’m not a failure. There is one thing that I will not stop doing for sure.

Drink water 💧

I drink a ton of water. I recently purchased this book call “Nature Wants Us to Be Fat” by Richard J Johnson MD. It is fascinating. He talks a lot about water and interestingly enough, they did a study and found out that most people who are obese have issues with dehydration. Water is important. Stop using other beverages for thirst and actually drink water: it will change your life.

Hopefully, I’ll update again next month. Until then, if you want to leave a comment or ask me anything let me know! You can email me at Lexingtonyankee1@gmail.com or leave a comment! You can also check me out on Instagram or Facebook at Lexington Yankee.

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