Starting My Weight Loss Journey

I recently had a baby. She’s an absolute blessing and a joy in our lives. I however, gained way too much weight and my current physical condition makes taking care of her and my other children very difficult.


Staring in the new year, I plan on taking myself to task and regaining my strength, stamina and overall health. I’ll post monthly pictures and updates. I will even post new recipes and healthy tips along the way. I have done this twice before, as I seem to always gain over 60 pounds with each child I have had. After the birth of my son, I actually worked as a trainer and fitness competitor.

I have a tendency to be really lackadaisical when it comes to sticking to a fitness plan. Even with my knowledge and college degree in the field, I often stray, lack focus and energy. I remedy this by having a goal, and always joining a program or group. This time, after seeing a friend have much success during my pregnancy, I have decided to join E2M. They are affordable and have a close nit community of fitness professionals. I’ll be totally forthcoming about how I like or dislike the program. After my research, I’m fairly certain they’re going to be great and I’m excited to start in 6 days, which is their next session sign-up date.

In 2020, I purchased a Peloton bike after the gyms started to close because of the virus. I plan on using this, walking and weights for exercise. I am a stay at home mom now: I quit my job because of the birth of my daughter. I plan on going to a gym IF time permits. Home workouts are much more realistic for me at this point.

My next journal, will be a current picture of me, my starting weight and my exercise for the week. I should be in the program, and will know a bit more about what path they’ll set me on.

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