Mission Thrift Store Lexington South Carolina

Give back to the Lexington Community while saving money!

Things to do in Lexington-Lexington Holiday Open House

Lexington South Carolina has a great selection of small businesses that offer many different options when it comes to holiday shopping. For a few years now, Lexington Holiday Open House, provides each business a chance to be noticed. This event also includes a grand prize for the consumer! Get ready for the 7th annual event….

Free Bird: The Boho Chic Lexington Boutique

UPDATE: This boutique has a new store front in the Krafty Draft plaza off Charter Oak Rd in Lexington SC My daughter who is fourteen, begged me to take her to Free Bird when they first opened. I knew that she would not stop bothering me until we went, so we planned a visit. I…

The Swanky BlackBird: Bringing the Abandon Out of the Ashes

Michelle Curran -the Phoenix; inspired by a will to stay-at-home with her three children and her passion for art, she “brushed” her way into a business. It all began with a refinished piece that Michelle named “Ophelia” which means “help” in Greek. The piece caught the eye of a domestic violence victim who had just…

Shopping in Lexington

Shopping is really fun in Lexington , for shopping read these exciting articles that will help you to find a good place for shopping in Lexington. Lexington Stores | Shopping in Lexington Navigating the Numerous Lexington Boutiques