Milk and Honey Fine Salon: Lexington South Carolina

The hair salon-an absolute necessity. Whether its cutting, coloring, or styling, there has been a time in our life that we have visited a salon and barbershop.

Its origins date back to 1765, when a man by the name  Legros de Rumigny was named the official hairdresser of the French Court. He set in motion the profession of hairdressing when he published a book and opened a school for hairdressers. He taught men and women to style and cut hair. In a mere short ten years, hairstyling became a career and it has not looked back.

Modern hairdressing is evolving everyday. Now, getting your hair “done” is so common, that everyone you talk to goes to a salon or barber. We all have that one special person, or one special place that makes a feel and look so good.

Laney Mills has created that one special place at Milk and Honey Fine Salon. When you first walk into Laney’s salon, you are greeted cheerfully and treated like you matter. The accents of color throughout the space and the light and dark grays create a sense of clam. From the massage chairs at the wash stations to the coffee and drinks provided, the experience is one of a kind and the staff’s expertise is second to none. She has dubbed her place “Lexington’s Luxury Aveda Salon”.

To have a thriving salon where folks come to relax and leave feeling their best. To have successful stylists excel in the business and genuinely enjoy their job. 

Laney Millis

Laney did not always want to be a hair stylist. In high school she said her mom fried her hair and it sparked an interest in the profession but not something that she thought she would pursue. She was at Furman College, her first day of class was on 9/11. This drastically changed the direction of her life.

I was in college actually at Furman with a dream to major in PR and run the Peace Center one day.  My first day of class was the 9/11 attack. The world quickly changed and I wasn’t sure if there would be PR jobs when I graduated, and felt it more important at that time to find a job that would always be in demand.

Laney Mills

Her dear friend Mitchell (Son of State Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman) told her she would be a perfect salon owner and that he could see her ” being happy running a salon and chatting it up with all the ladies in town.” She has done just that, but not without some setbacks.

Laney’s attempt to open the salon amidst Covid was equivalent to a mountain climb on a perpetual steep grade, with no gear, and walking backwards.

All things Covid. My Dad died from Covid a month after I decided to open MHFS. That was a big personal setback. Building supplies shortages, labor shortages, delays upon delays. 5 months worth. 

Laney Mills

Laney’s father passing away came on the heels of choosing the name for the salon. Her father’s nickname was “Honey” and the name of the salon became more than just the name of her business-it honored her late father.

Milk & honey are referenced in the Bible (Exodus 3:8) as a land of all things good – luxury and comfort. That’s perfectly descriptive of the salon atmosphere I was going for. Coincidentally the raw ingredients milk and honey are excellent for the health of hair; creating shine, softness and moisture. I was just really drawn to the name for really no sentimental reason. 

Then 2 weeks after naming the salon, my dad aka “Honey” (as everybody knew him) was diagnosed with Covid and died 3 weeks later, as aforementioned. So the name became very sentimental.” Laney Mills

Laney’s creativity shines through in her salon. She is a meticulous designer and has an eye for detail. She’s creative in her decorating and as a professional. Her sentimental nature and overwhelming hospitality make her the perfect person to run a salon. When asked about her plans for the future; “To have a thriving salon where folks come to relax and leave feeling their best. To have successful stylists excel in the business and genuinely enjoy their job.”

The salon is located (561 Whiteford Way Lexington, SC 29072) right across from Planet Fitness in Lexington and shares a building with Lexington Aesthetics. They have online booking on their website. If you would like to get in tough with the salon, you can visit their Facebook page, Instagram or give them a call at: 803.924.2572.

Laney is a Saluda County native and a mother to two boys; Ethan and Luke. She is the owner and operator of Milk and Honey Fine Salon in Lexington South Carolina.

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