No One Reads This

I have had this blog since 2019. I had high hopes and maybe haven’t pushed content like I should. Even in its peak, I would only get a couple hundred views. I have written articles for people who refused to share them, even though I have asked. For example, I wrote an article for a local author who didn’t even bother to share the article at all. He didn’t even read it himself, as it wasn’t even accessed one time.

I have spent a lot of money making this look professional and I’m done spending the money. I have social media and have gotten little to no interaction. I see other blogs living the high life BUT most of them are travel and cooking.

This is a frustrating thing to go through. I feel I’ve definitely lost focus and will try to redirect my focus to podcasting.

I love my logo and wish I could have seen this bloom into wonderful things.

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