Local Author Donald “DJ” Humphrey II-8 Miraculous Months

Donald J. “DJ” Humphrey had a remarkable story to tell, his father spent 8 Miraculous Months in the jungle. Growing up on a farm with his family, he was blessed to have a father who served in WWII. His father had a rather interesting trek in the Malayan Jungle. DJ loved his father’s accounts of the war. He always wanted to transfer his father’s words into a book to preserve the history and courageous acts. Although his father’s account was written in a manuscript that he never published, DJ felt that it was time to do what his father never did: publish the writings formally.

About the Author

DJ grew up in central Ohio on a farm and in the same home where his mother was raised. His father owned a fertilizer company. That company serviced many surrounding farms in Ohio. DJ went to The Ohio State University and eventually found himself in real estate. He moved to Charlotte North Carolina in 2012 after the housing market crash. There he stayed for a few years. He then found himself in Columbia South Carolina where he resides today. He retired as a broker after 30 years.

In March of 2020, with the pandemic just beginning a now retired DJ knew he could honestly devote the time needed to his dad’s rough manuscript.

I started writing the book when the pandemic hit in March 2020. I was retired and locked in because of the pandemic so I had lots of time to work on the book. So I dusted off my father’s old manuscript and I worked all day, every day on this important task that I had decided to take on.

DJ Humphrey
Major Humphrey

DJ stated that his father gave some presentations where he recalled his ordeal in the Malayan Jungle. His father would not often talk about it unless asked. With saved tape recordings of his father’s speeches and the rough manuscript, DJ wrote 8 Miraculous Months in the Malayan Jungle. It was the most opportune moment to start this project and focus on telling Major Humphrey’s story.

The Postville Express Crew

8 Miraculous Months in the Malayan Jungle

The first paperback copy of the book was published in December 23rd of 2020. The book describes Major Donald J. Humphrey survival after being shot down in his B-29 by Japanese Zeros. The Major and crew mates were able to escape the crash and then all had to brave the harshness of the jungle. The jungle was an extreme, vast, enemy occupied dangerous landscape. It not only contained enemy fighters, but disease, venomous snakes and crocodiles. Diving into this book, you’ll have the opportunity to hear a war hero talk in depth about how these men were able to live to tell this account of history.

Why these Publications are so Important

The WWII generation is slowly dying. We will soon have just television interviews, books, podcast, YouTube, and other media outlets to hear stories of this ever important past. The documentation of original accounts from WWII puts into perspective how hard this generation fought to end what Hitler began. Although the war was hard, long and devastating, courageous stories like this one are valued and motivational.

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