Distilleries in South Carolina-Hollow Creek Distillery

Hollow Creek Distillery in Leesville offers White Hot Cinnamon Whiskey and More

Looking for an amazing distillery experience not far from home? Or maybe you are driving through and would like to sample some moonshine: Hollow Creek Distillery is your place!

Brief History of Moonshine

Moonshine is a term that was used to refer to liquor in the 18th century. Many grain producing states in America would distil their excess grain so that it did not go to waste. It was popular at the time to use whiskey as currency. When the Whiskey Tax was enforced by the government on 1791, it made a lot of makers seriously angry, so they refused to pay the tax and thus, the marshals paid a visit to Pennsylvania where the largest offenders resided. This incident is known in history as the Whiskey Rebellion and sparked a protest of the tax involving more than 6000 people. The tax was repealed in 1801.

There is some debate on whether or not Moonshine actually killed people or made them go blind, however the ways it use to be made are the causes behind these cases of blindness and deaths. Bad batches of moonshine distilled in a car radiator are probably not good for you. Rest assured, the current distilleries are producing liquor the right way. A fun fact to take away from this as well is the difference between a moonshiner and a bootlegger. A moonshiner “makes the liquor” and a bootlegger “smuggles” it.

About Hollow Creek Distillery

Craig and Meredith are high-school sweet hearts and set out on “chasing” a moonshine dream six years ago. A friend of the family who was an established moonshine maker introduced them to the ins and outs of making moonshine. With him in mind, they jumped at the chance to start the distillery when the opening of micro distilleries became available in South Carolina. They found the land, went through all the paperwork and permits with state , local and federal governments and took a “shot” on the business.

The pair has been praised for their hospitality and overall southern charm. They offer tours of the distillery and once a month feature a free drink made with their pick of one of their signature spirits. Currently, their best selling moonshine is the Salted Caramel and their White Hot Cinnamon Whiskey is off to a”flaming”start with customers. They also offer High Cotton Bourbon pictured below.

Visiting and the Distillery

The distillery is open on Thursdays from 1pm to 7pm and Friday and Saturday from 10am-7pm. When they are open they do give tours and have samples. The White Hot Cinnamon Whiskey and the High Cotton Bourbon are being sold in bars, liquor stores and restaurants throughout the state of South Carolina. Follow Hollow Creek Distillery on Facebook at Hollow Creek Distillery and Instagram at Hollow Creek Distillery for more information.

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