Goat Daddy’s Farm Opening Day- Spend Time With Baby Goats!

While it uncertain where the goat phenomenon comes from, there is some speculation that it all started with the Taylor Swift screaming goats YouTube video. That video went viral a few years back. Another goat trend is goat yoga. While it may be hard to get a goat of your own, there is a special opportunity local to the Midlands of South Carolina at Goat Daddy’s Farm if you’re feigning for your goat fix.

Goat Daddy’s Farm Opening Day 2021

Goat Daddy’s Farm recently announced via Facebook Events that they are resuming their Saturday events on the farm. Excitingly, Goat Daddy’s Farm announces that opening day is Saturday, March, 6th from 10 AM EST until 3 PM EST. This family-friendly event is free to the public. Besides getting to see adorable goats, one of the draws of visiting the farm is seeing for yourself “how the meat you eat or the dairy you drink is raised humanely.’

Notably, Goat Daddy’s Farm explains on the event announcement that the “farm is open to the public every Saturday from March through December at no cost.” This also gives visitors a chance to check out the farm store. Items of note that are available for purchase at Goat Daddy’s Farm store are pork, chevre, eggs, and raw goat milk.

Baby Goats!

While you may be hard-pressed to think of anything more exciting than getting to spend time with baby goats, Opening Day for Goat Daddy’s Farm will feature food and drinks. Visit the farm and experience a meal from Random Tap and The Belgian Waffle Cart. Seeming, Goat Daddy’s Farm thinks of it all because there is live music on the agenda. Not to mention, baby goats aren’t the only animals guests will see on the farm. The event page notes “lots of animals to visit with.”

Goat Daddy’s Farm is at 144 Tomahawk Trl., Elgin, South Carolina, 29045. Anyone from the area speaks highly of the farm. On their Facebook Page, the owners share insight into how much they love their animals. Heartwarmingly, the owners write the following in the About section. “From over 15 parrots to pot bellied pigs to Great Danes and sugar gliders we have loved them all at some point another.”

The Farm’s Mission

From reading the About section of the farm’s Facebook, it is apparent that their mission is to educate others about being environmentally conscious. “Creating a farm is the way we have decided to share our life’s passion with our community.” However, they have a very specific image of a farm in mind. “Not the kind of farm you drive past on the highway or smell from a mile away but one where you can visit and can’t help but pull up a chair and share an apple with a pig or some corn on the cob with a chicken.”

Ultimately, the owners encourage their neighbors to join them “as [they] learn how to make this earth [a] happier place for all the creatures who inhabit it!” Come back to Lexington Yankee for more family-friendly events in the Midlands of South Carolina.

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