Miranda Lambert Discusses Glamping in Greensboro, GA

Unfortunately, Greensboro, GA is the last stop of the Miranda Lambert road trip saga. Many fans are following the details on her social media along the way. However, the trip seems to come to a premature conclusion. While it’s fun to live vicariously through the Country music star and her husband, all indicators are that they are back in Nashville.

Miranda Lambert Glams at Lake Oconee/Greensboro, GA

Much like her stops in Asheville, North Carolina, and Charleston, South Carolina, Miranda Lambert shares details about her time in Greensboro, Georgia. Ultimately, something about Greensboro captures the songstress’s attention. Assumably, this is because she decides to stay an extra day. Probably one of the most relatable things to read on a celebrity’s Instagram is the reason why she and her husband, Brendan McLoughlin decide to spend extra time in Georgia. In parenthesis, Lambert shares, “And we ran out of clothes & needed to do laundry.”

Not to discount the beauty of Lake Oconee, though. Miranda Lambert gives some insight into her day to day life. She shares, “I had to work too, so why not have a view while you zoom?” A view isn’t the only thing Lake Oconee (near Greensboro) has to offer. And Lambert proclaims, “That lake is a secret I didn’t know about dang it!”

Dining at the Ritz-Carlton

Miranda Lambert goes on to give an inside secret to glamping. Apparently, the Ritz Carlton is “about 10 minutes from the KOA,” according to Lambert. Luckily for some unexpecting patrons of the Ritz, they got to enjoy a meal with Lambert and McLoughlin. Lambert shares, “We at dinner and made some new friends from Orlando.”Apparently, Lambert recognizes that this may be strange to some, so she elaborates. In parenthesis, she shares, “Yes we hung out at the ritz and slept in our trailer because GLAMP life is the good life.”

Notably, TripAdvisor has nothing but great things to say about the Ritz-Carlton, Lake Oconee. This Ritz location is conveniently located near a lot of amenities. Also, it’s only 75 miles away from Atlanta. Not surprisingly, this hotel is rated number one out of the four hotels in the area. A recent guest describes the hotel beautifully. “This Ritz property is set on a beautiful lake setting and has access to great walking trails, golf, and other activities right from the front door,” writes the guest.

What’s your idea of glamping? Have you been to Lake Oconee near Greensboro, Georgia? Let us know in the comment section below. Come back to Lexington Yankee for more things to do around the South.

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