Miranda Lambert Takes On Charleston, SC

Recently, Miranda Lambert and her new hubby, Brendan McLoughlin chronicle their road trip. According to the Country music songstress’ Instagram, Charleston, South Carolina is the second stop on their trip. In the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Lambert purchases an Airstream trailer. The couple names their new trailer “The Sheriff” and they use it to visit some places that Miranda hasn’t been before. At least places that she hasn’t been able to freely visit without time constraints.

Miranda Lambert visits Charleston, raves about Halls Chop House

Luckily for fans (and people looking for something to do in the Charleston area), Miranda Lambert details some of the high points of her stop in Charleston. Apparently, the Holy City left a great impression with the “Bluebird” singer. She starts her Instagram post about her time there with a touching sentiment. “Dreamy Charleston, SC I miss you already,” writes Lambert. She goes on to say, “There is too much to say about this place for one post but here are some highlights.”

Miranda Lambert Instagram

Excitingly, Miranda Lambert kicks her Charleston post off by singing the praises of Halls Chop House. Apparently, the County star’s visited there before, because she tags the restaurant with, “thank you for the warm welcome back and for [the] most delicious Sunday brunch and gospel music.”

Halls Chop House in Charleston, South Carolina is conveniently located at 434 King St. Their menu features seafood, salad, and steaks. Additionally, according to TripAdvisor, Halls Chop House ranks #1 out of 555 restaurants in Charleston. Remarkably, the restaurant ranks 5 out of 5 for TripAdvisor reviews. One guest writes, “Halls is WOW, they treat you like you are a regular from the moment you walk in till the moment you leave.”

Breakfast at Harken Cafe and Bakery

Next, Miranda Lambert goes on to shout out Harken Cafe. She writes it is “the sweetest little place for breakfast.” Great news for fans! She shares her order. “Spiced vanillla latte with oat mik and avacado toast for the win,” dotes the singer. Lambert even shares an aesthetically pleasing photo of her latte.

Miranda Lambert Instagram

Harken Cafe & Bakery is at 62 Queen St., Charleston, SC 29401. On TripAdvisor, the cafe rates at 5 out 5. One guest writes about their experience after visiting Charleston for nearly a week. “Harken’s was one of my favorite places I went all week! The cozy atmosphere made me feel comfortable and welcomed. The coffee and lattes are delicious, and so are the biscuits” writes the guest. Boldly, one guest claims Harken Cafe & Bakery is “the best place in Charleston.”

Take a tour of the Holy City

And no trip to Charleston would be complete without a tour of the Holy City. Miranda Lambert seems to gush about the city. “You could spend days in this town just looking at the beautiful historic homes and churches and the art galleries,” writes Lambert. She goes on to share that she experiences a half-day tour with Tours by Locals. Miranda Lambert sings her tour guide, Joyce Wier’s praises.

Do you want to visit any of the places Miranda Lambert visited in Charleston? Let us know in the comment section below. Come back to Lexington Yankee for more reviews about things to do around South Carolina.

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