Chili Cook-off: Icehouse Pavilion Event

Thursday February 21st is the date for the Chili Cook-Off that is happening at the Icehouse. This is the 7th year of this event. Restaurants and various businesses will attempt to be named “best chili” for 2021. This is a family friendly event that will be held in the new open-air building.

Cooking up Some Chili

If you are a Chili lover, this is your time to shine. Lexington is holding their 7th Annual Chili Cook-Off event that is sure to stir up some competition. Restaurants and other businesses will compete for the title of best chili for this year. The cool weather and amazing temperatures will offer a perfect atmosphere for tasting, strolling and smelling all the smells.

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Where did Chili Originate?

According to an article by Wonderoplis, Chili and its origins can be hard to track down. This combination has been said to have started in San Antonio, however there are other stories that suggest chili is from who knows where. The story that is the most popular is that of chili coming from immigrates from the Canary Islands. After that, the dish became a hit with cowboys on the Western frontier. Soon, chili became a sought after meal and in the 1800’s “Chili Queens” would set up stands serving the dish in the streets of San Antonio. It did not take long before word spread to Chicago and chili was featured at the Worlds Fair. In 1977 Texas actually named chili their state dish.

What is in Chili

People from all over the country have long debates about the ingredients for chili. The basics still remain the same, but can vary on the protein selection. From peppers, to chili powder and of course beans, your chili can range in degrees of spiciness. What is the most odd ingredient in chili that you have had?

Event Detalis

The Lexington County Blowfish and Old Mill Brew Pub are sponsoring this event. Tickets can be purchased at the Lexington County Blowfish website. They are $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children. The cook-off starts at noon and continues to 5pm.

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