SC Riot Room: Break Stuff for Fun: Smash Room in Columbia SC

Do you ever just want to break stuff or smash things without the repercussions of ending up in jail? The SC Riot Room has a place for you.

It can be amazingly satisfying to watch destruction and demolition. Like a house made of cards collapsing, the leveling of fire gutted structure or a perfectly placed explosion in an action movie. What could be better…when you are the one who is doing the smashing. That’s why we are happy to present, SC Riot Room!! Come smash all your frustrations away at our smash and trash room.

Sc Riot Room

Small History of the Riot/Smash Room

According to the SC Riot Room website, this concept was developed in 2008, with the first room in operation in Japan. It then spread to other parts of Asia and then Europe. There are now several rooms located throughout the United States.

Benefits of Raging/Smashing

Some experts claim that this form of physical exertion is not just for fun but can actually be good for your mental health. In an article in USA Today in November 2018 titled: Rage rooms: Why recreational smashing could be good for your mental health , people detail their experiences which included emotional and physical release of stress and mental frustration. This does make sense, since most of us, in one time or another in our lives, have in fact broke something in anger. There is somewhat of a satisfaction in taking anger and releasing it onto an object (hopefully not a person). These rooms offer a safe environment to destroy things and give you safety equipment so that you don’t hurt yourself.

Cost and Information

SC Riot Room is affordable and has a price range from $35 to $120 dollars depending on what you want to break. Get this- you can also bring your own stuff from home that you want to release rage on! The sessions range in times and are complete with a variety of breakable items including glass. This could be added to your Valentine’s Day plans. Check out their Instagram or website for more details.

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