Things to do for Valentine’s Day: My Deceased Valentine- Clinton Sease Farms Lexington

Ever just want to be reminded that Halloween is 8 months away? Or 4 months ago? Which ever one you like best. Maybe you love to love being terrified on Valentine’s Day. Have an obsession with the dark and spooky even on the day that celebrates love? Or do you just want a place for the girls to have a girls night? Well starting on February 11th and running till the 14th from 7pm to 11pm, you can be scared into love ❤️ at Deceased Farms.

Deceased Farms Lexington SC

This event is one of many others Deceased Farms host throughout the year. Clearly a unique spin on traditional Valentine’s Day events, this one is not for the faint of heart. Discover how manly your date is or how much they scream on this terror filled haunted attraction. They are also offering paint ball and escape rooms.

Specials and Pricing

Impressing upon your significant other with a totally different experience on Valentine’s Day is a must and doesn’t have to be pricey. For 25.00 bucks per person you and your date can have a ton of bloody fun. There is also group rates and the incredible Honeymoon package. You can even purchase fast passes and VIP passes to enjoy other attractions at Clinton Sease Farms.

Tips for a Dinner Before Event

If you want to go all out before you get all scared, there are a few unique dining choices that are close to the event and have memorable dishes.

Private Property, Lexington SC

A by reservation only restaurant, this small but amazing eating establishment will definitely not disappoint. The building itself is not what you’d expect, but something to never be forgotten.

Keg Cowboy, Lexington

If you want really great food and the bar atmosphere, this is your place. With a rotating menu of beer and food, your visit will never be the same twice. They do offer certain items continuously, like the pretzel, duck, and others that are unforgettable! My favorite is the grilled cheese!


Just the right aount of Italian. This romantic setting is perfect for a Valentine’s Day dinner. They have two locations, one in Irmo and the other on Main St. in downtown Lexington. They also do to go dinners and family meals that can feed the masses!

Reminders for Upcoming Events at Clinton Sease Farms

Do not forget that this wonderful place host an adult Easter egg hunt! We will definitely do a feature article soon. They are currently selling tickets to the event and they sell out quick every year. Make sure to get a jump on the tickets and this is for adults 21 and up only. It is an after dark event complete with, adult beverages, live music, raffles and more!

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