Hotworx Lexington: New Fitness Studio with a Hot Twist

Opening soon, HotWorx in Lexington South Carolina will offer more than just a place for yoga. This studio, offers a temperature controlled environment for maximum calorie burn and more effective workouts, in less time.

HotWorx members will have 24/7 access to the fitness facility. They will be able to choose from virtual instructed infrared sauna workouts. Some of the options include: HIIT, Yoga, Functional Training, Pilates, Barre and more.

HotWorx functional training area is supplied with weights and equipment. Their App also has virtual training sessions that can guide you through your workout. Or you can watch one on the screen in the area.

The Science Behind Hot Workouts

For years, Hot Yoga has been becoming a popular option for people that would like an added boost to their Yoga classes. The benefits that most Hot Yoga participants claim they gain from sweating it out are; increased flexibility, more caloric burn, and being able to achieve better results in a shorter class time.

Although many people, mostly women, tend to love working out in heated environments, there are some questions as to whether the benefits are truly genuine. Some concerns that experts have addressed with these types of studios involves the problematic issue that heat and sweat have on your fitness endurance. In a 2016 article titled: Are Hot Workouts Healthier, the argument against the heated workouts is made, and some valid points should be considered before you attempt to use this method of exercise. There is an extra concern with hydration before, during and after a heated workout so do not skip your water or whatever you drink to stay hydrated.

As a former fitness trainer, I can see the appeal of this and I believe I would rather enjoy this type of fitness experience. You have to do what works for you. There are so many different types of methods of training, diets and other fitness groups/gyms that you should be able to find something enjoyable that you can foster a healthy lifestyle from. It’s best to consult a doctor if you’re a beginner and make sure you can safely participate in a physical fitness program.

HotWorx Limited Time Founding Members Discount

For a limited time, the Founding Members discount is being offered. Right now if you join, you will only pay a $10 enrollment fee and a rate of $44 a month. After this discount expires, the enrollment fee will be $99 and a monthly charge of $59. You can also contact the gym with your questions and for more information on their Instagram account here: HotworxLexington . You can also check out their website at Hotworx Lexington. This is definitely a great addition to the Lexington area. It is located at 918 D. N. Lake Drive Lexington SC 29072. Their phone number is 8033998329.

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