Things that Happen During Fall in the South

With some inspiration from Southern Living, we’ve come up with a list of things Southerners are notorious for doing at the drop of Fall’s first leaf. Or at least the rest of the country might think that. 

  1. Switch your seasonal wardrobe. That’s right! Time to take out the cute tank tops and dresses out of the daily wear rotation. Switch them out for sweaters, hoodies, and leggings. Maybe just don’t put your summer clothes too far into the back of the closet. The weather is still unpredictable.  Speaking of hoodies, don’t pack up your shorts just yet.  You’ll need your shorts and flip flops handy to wear with your favorite hoodie .
  1. Cram in as many fall activities while you can since the weather is likely to change at a drop of a hat.  It’s probably best to do all the Fall things in one weekend. Unfortunately, there is always a high probability that the temperature won’t stay Fall-like for long. So Southerners scurry around apple orchards and pumpkin patches while the cool breeze permits for a comfortable day out. 
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  1. Anticipate weight gain from fair, festival and holiday food. Fall brings the county fair. The county fair brings all the fried, delicious foods. Then there are all the various fall festivals and church get togethers. No point in trying to lose weight now, since Thanksgiving is just a few weeks a way. Right on the heels of Thanksgiving is Christmas. So you might as well just wait until the New Year before worrying about weight gain. Granny’s apple pie is worth it. 
  1. Fall scented candles to help you think it’s cool outside. Actually pumpkin spice and cinnamon apple scented everything- body spray, lotion, handsoap. Just pumpkins everywhere. 
  1. It’s finally chili and soup season. Some of our favorite chili recipes include: The Wholesome Dish’s “The Best Classic Chili” and Two Peas and Their Pod’s “Quick and Easy White Chicken Chili.” If you’re looking for a filling potato soup recipe, let us recommend Cozy Cook’s “Baked Potato Soup.”
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  1. Outdoor weddings don’t suck as long as they don’t interfere with football. So here’s to hoping your best friend gets married on your favorite college football team’s bye week. As an absolute worst case scenario, the reception is timed to correspond with kick off and has a television. Otherwise, you’re not past streaming the game on your phone. 

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