Things to do in Lexington-Lexington Holiday Open House

Lexington South Carolina has a great selection of small businesses that offer many different options when it comes to holiday shopping. For a few years now, Lexington Holiday Open House, provides each business a chance to be noticed. This event also includes a grand prize for the consumer! Get ready for the 7th annual event.

Lexington Holiday Open House

This year’s event begins on November 5th and ends on Sunday November 8th. The past few years have been fun and they add new things every year. For 2020, they will be including a craft show at The Icehouse Amphitheater on Saturday only November 7th from 11am-4pm.

There are numerous stores, and restaurants that are participating this year. With three days to figure it out, you have plenty of time to visit each location. You might even discover a store that you have never noticed or that you have never visited.

Classy Cruet Nov 8th 2018

Personally, I experienced this in 2018. I had never been in the Classy Cruet. The instant I walked into this store, solely for an entry for the grand prize drawing, I knew I would be back. The smells, amazing teas, olive oils and friendly staff had me hooked. Not only do I love shopping there still; I always find unique gifts, especially for my organic products people.

Tips for a Successful Holiday Open House 2020

If you’re new or a pro at this event, these tips from Desiree Miller are going to benefit you. Through the years, she has found a system for not only maximizing her shopping time, but allowing her to visit all the stores and restaurants within the weekend.

  • Map out the stores you are driving to, so that you do not drive back and forth missing locations within close proximity of each other.
  • Always check the days and times stores are open! Some stores have Sunday hours, so it might benefit you to visit those stores on Sunday.
  • Only spend a certain amount of time in each store. We both have found that if we do long store visits, we either don’t make it to other stores or spend to much in one location.
  • Make sure to schedule LUNCH, second Lunch or a coffee break! This way you make it to the restaurants too.
  • Have your gift list ready and even something to purchase for you. Stick to this list so you don’t overspend.
  • Even if you don’t think you would buy something from a particular store, visit anyway. You never know what you’ll find and it’s great support for the local business.
  • Always bring a friend or friends with you!

Have Fun, Support Local Business

Each year, a lot of preparation and time goes into this event. From the planners, to the businesses themselves, they love the opportunity to introduce you to the shops and local spots that Lexington has to offer. There is a giveaway at the end of this amazing weekend. It is totally worth it. Bring friends, plan your shopping adventure and come out and support your local stores. For a list of vendors visit Lexington Holiday Open House Facebook Page or Lexington Holiday Open House .

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