Breweries in Lexington South Carolina

Want a good microbrewery beer but, you do not want to travel downtown? Have no fear! These three area breweries are gaining in popularity and have exactly what you need to feed that beer craving. Packed full of favor and originality, each of them offers the beer lover a fun and unique experience that will have you “hopping” back for more.

With the over 7,000 brewery locations just in the United States alone according to USA Today’s The year in beer: Cheers, there’s more than 7,000 breweries operating in the US ; the craft scene is exploding with locations and creativity. These three options are just a close few that you won’t have to travel far to see.

Steel Hands Brewing: Cayce SC

Located in the most perfect venue in Cayce SC, this brewery is growing in size and popularity. The taproom encompasses a “factor like” feel and its given name sake “Steel Hands” has the foundation of the working man at heart. Try their Tropical IPA or my personal favorite Punch Clock Pilsner at their astonishing establishment, which will not disappoint. They often have live music and provide a pet friendly outdoor dining and drinking area. Click the link above for more details and directions, and they have brunch on Sunday!

Angry Fish Brewing : Lexington SC

Did you know? Yes! Lexington has entered the microbrewery wars and this is one of those breweries. Nestled behind the Hope Plaza off Augusta Hwy, Angry Fish is forging a name for itself and offers food trucks, a taproom and new beers often. Check out their Sunny Daze IPA and click the lick above for directions to their brewery.

Hazelwood Brewing Company: Lexington SC

With over two years of remodeling in their attractive, rustic space in the Old Mill , Hazelwood is up and running with a stunning patio and taproom. They offer numerous weekday events, food trucks and fantastic beers. Check out the link more more information and their Facebook page at Hazelwood Beer

Photo from Facebook/Hazelwoodbeer

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