Eudora Farms: Not Your Typical Farm

With all the quarantine excitement stirred by Netflix’s docuseries The Tiger King, it’s hard to think that a safari isn’t that far from home.

Off the beaten path- Eudora Farms Safari Park

Eudora Farms Safari Park is a drive-thru safari located at 219 Salem Lane, Salley, South Carolina, 29137. The Frequently Asked Questions section of the Eudora Farms website highlights several great ideas for traveling to the farm. Acknowledging that Eudora Farms is off the beaten path, they advise “being prepared for anything is smart.” The farm’s website, Facebook, and TripAdvisor all acknowledge that wait time can be extended. However, with such high ratings, it’s surmisable that the trip is well worth the wait.

The Safari Park operates Wednesday through Sunday from 8 AM until 6 PM. This unique experience is a great family experience given ongoing coronavirus concerns. For $20 a vehicle up to six passengers, you get to see safari animals from he comfort of your car’s comfort. Don’t fret if your car holds more than six passengers; for an additional $5 per person, you don’t need to worry. Excitingly, for $5 a bucket of feed, vehicles.”

Things to do at Eudora Farms Safari Park

Eudora Farms Safari Park was founded by Mark Nisbet. Nisbet has come a long way since being responsible for the rabbits and chickens on the balcony of his family’s apartment according to Eudora Farms’ website. The idea of creating a safari drive-thru park was to “address the education, preservation, conservation, and the protection of the environment for the entire community.” Currently, the park is home to over 200 exotic animals, and there are plans to acquire more as the safari experience grows over time. 

Additionally, if you need to get out and stretch your legs, Eudora Farms Safari Park also offers an enclosed petting zoo. Avian enthusiasts will be excited to know about a Parakeet Adventure. Parakeet Adventure is weather over 200 parakeets reside. Also, there is a picnic area for utilization by guests. 

Safari and exotic animal lovers will be pleased to know that Eudora Farms Safari Park is only in phase one of their opening. There are plans for expansion, including a gift shop, restrooms, a larger educational area, and beautification measures to the grand entrance. In addition to those projects, the park expects to launch a downloadable phone application for animal education to accompany the drive-thru experience.

In the future, guests can expect to experience a walking trail. During the walking trail, park staff will guide you through several different attractions. Most notably, you will get close to ring-tailed lemurs, African servals, binturongs, a tortoise, and kangaroos. 

Founder, Mark Nisbet, acknowledges that the park opened months earlier than anticipated. He also admits that it’s been “an overnight success.” Eudora Farms Safari Park in Salley, South Carolina, is a unique, social distancing safe experience for the family. If you’ve been, Lexington Yankee would love to hear from you. 

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