Saturdays in Soda City – Land Jam 2020

While concert and festival season 2020 didn’t go a planned do to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, things are slowly but surely returning to normal. Consequently, local Country music fans can delight in knowing that Land Jam – Country Music Festival 2020 is happening Saturday, November 14, 2020 in Lugoff, South Carolina.

Hauntings & Homicides of the Dutch Fork: TOMORROW

Hopefully last minute plans, hauntings, and homicides are your thing. If you’re into history and true crime, tomorrow nights Hauntings & Homicides of the Dutch Fork is the event for you. As described on the event’s flier, “Join us for fireside stories of Murders, Hauntings, Legends, and Lore of the Dutch Fork.”

Saturdays in Soda City: The Boozy Brunch Crawl

Need something to do around mid-November? Join your friends at The Boozy Brunch Crawl on Saturday, November 14th from 11 AM until 4 PM. This event is hosted by several Vista restaurants and designed by Bar Crawl USA. What we know about The Boozy Brunch Crawl Located at restaurants throughout the Vista in downtown Columbia,…

Date Night Idea: Chocolate and Wine at Craft and Draft

Wine and chocolate sounds like a relaxing evening. Luckily for connoisseurs of both, Craft and Draft Irmo has thought of everything. Date Night Idea: Wine and Chocolate Join Craft and Draft Irmo on Wednesday, October 28th from 6 PM until 8 PM for their “Chocolate Day Wine & Chocolate Pairing.” The event is hosted by…

Breweries in Lexington South Carolina

Want a good microbrewery beer but, you do not want to travel downtown? Have no fear! These three area breweries are gaining in popularity and have exactly what you need to feed that beer craving. Packed full of favor and originality, each of them offers the beer lover a fun and unique experience that will…

Eudora Farms: Not Your Typical Farm

Eudora Farms Safari Park: With all the quarantine excitement stirred by Netflix’s docuseries The Tiger King, it’s hard to think that a safari isn’t that far from home.

Deceased Farm Opening Night (and Other Fall Fun)

Fall Activity: So it may be wishful thinking, but whenever the first cool breeze blows through South Carolina and football tailgate planning starts happening- I’m more than ready for Spooky Season. If you’re looking to ramp things up a notch this year, look no farther than Deceased Farm.

Heintooga Round Bottom Road, North Carolina – Scenic Nature Roadtrip

If you’re looking for a scenic, off the beaten path road trip, look no further than Heintooga Round Bottom Road. How to find the Heintooga Round Bottom Road Located off the beaten path Blue Ridge Mountain Life describes the road as “rough, remote, [incredibley] scenic, and long.” Heintooga Round Bottom Road is located off of…