Free Bird: The Boho Chic Lexington Boutique

UPDATE: This boutique has a new store front in the Krafty Draft plaza off Charter Oak Rd in Lexington SC

My daughter who is fourteen, begged me to take her to Free Bird when they first opened. I knew that she would not stop bothering me until we went, so we planned a visit. I was glad that I did. What’s special about Free Bird not only stands out in the uniqueness and individuality of their clothes, but there is an immediate warmth and welcoming atmosphere that surrounds your shopping experience.

Owners Tama McNaughton and Mackenzie Kelly want their boutique to allow their customers to be free from the constraints of monotonous clothing and find their own style at Free Bird. This family owned business was a dream that they formed around the love for Mackenzie’s favorite song and combination of their passion for fashion.

Originally from Indiana, the family moved to Lexington in 2011. They found that Lexington was the perfect community for their boutique. Both Tama and Mackenzie enjoy meeting new friends and helping people with clothing selections. This joy shines through their store front window and emanates inside while you are looking at every piece of clothing they have selected that makes this store so much fun.

Free Bird most of all, illustrates how a small idea can turn into a bigger business and larger store! The location is moving October first to a new store front!

Overall, Tama and Mackenzie want your purchase from them to be a find that you cannot wait to get home and wear.

We want our customers to have fun shopping and come away with something special

Visually, Free Bird is an array of color that will leave you wanting to buy everything. It’s affordable and there is something for all types of styles and preferences. If you want more information you can contact Free Bird via their Facebook page at Free Bird Boutique .

*All pictures used are courtesy of Free Bird Boutique

Special thanks to Tama and Mackenzie for allowing me to share this article and answer questions I gave them!

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