5 Reasons Why People Move South

Being a resident of South Carolina is amazing! It’s beautiful, the weather is exceptional and I’m just a couple hours from the mountains and beaches.

SC State Flag

The number one question I get asked is how I ended up down South, all the way from up North? For myself, the decision was at first, forced by the military. I spent three years in Okinawa Japan, and then received orders to Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, South Carolina when I was an active duty Airmen. Here are some reasons people love to live in the South.

1. Job Transfer

Many companies like Amazon and Google have large offices in Southern States. The main reason; they are offered tax breaks and incentives, so relocation for a lot of people, is due to their job.

2. Tourism Sparks Curiosity

How many people from up North do you know that repeatedly vacationed in the South and now live here? It’s quite a few. The fact is, summer vacationers often find themselves loving the Southern States as much as lifelong residents.

3. Retirees

Often, the amount of retirees in the South accumulates to large numbers of people in the same areas from the same place. For example, you will have neighborhoods full of retirees, from Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and so on. Their number one reason: escaping cold weather, snow and enjoying their new homes. The Villages in Florida is one such example of these communities.

4. Military Personnel

This can have a two fold reason why people from other states are in the south. One, they received orders here and are stationed at an active duty base; or two they retire at that base or separate from the military and they stay in the area.

5. Lower Cost of Living

I’ve known some people that say they have found their way down South because they wanted a fresh start. The appeal of this fresh start may fully be the cost of living is sometimes considerably lower.

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