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Backyard Birds in South Carolina

I love birds. There is something almost mysterious about them and when you are able to see ones with vivid colors, it’s truly impressive. Here are some I have seen, right in my backyard. Never know what you will see if you just wait and look.

Red Shouldered Hawk
Red Shouldered Hawk
Eastern Phoebe
Eastern Phoebe young (nest) These birds love to nest in not so convenient places for homeowners. Bird boxes can deter this. These are on my porch!
Eastern Phoebe
Female Rudy Red Throat-Hummingbird
Muscovy Duck she laid about 12 eggs in my front yard behind some bushes, she later abandoned the nest. I examined each egg, couldn’t see any young.
Great Blue Heron
This elusive creature pops up in our backyard pond on occasion. Often hides and really blends in. He/she is hard to find at times.
Great Blue Heron
American Crow
I love listening to these birds and watching them. They are intelligent and I’ve seen them chasing the hawks away.
Fence perch -American Crow

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