How many of you Northern migrants have found that you miss or are missing everything but snow from living in the South? That may be a bit of a stretch, after all the weather is great, life is slower and you may find yourself in a less crowded neighborhood or city. Here is a short list of the few things that make us miss home.

1. Hello Down there! Where’s the Basement?

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Have you noticed the absences of your childhood nightmares? What about that extra storage space and downstairs hangout that was always cooler than the upstairs in the summer months? Most of the houses in the south have no basements. One of the main reasons is because of so much flooding, however what a missing element!

2. What is all this Yellow Stuff in the Spring?

I do not ever remember seeing pollen like you see it in the south. When I experienced my first spring in South Carolina, I thought they were spraying something yellow everywhere for some reason.

Little did I know I was about to see what real allergies felt like. That spring was the worst! Although I have gotten somewhat use it those dust clouds of yellow doom, the pollen content is still something that amazes me every year.

3.Pretzels? Forget about it!

As a kid in Ohio I can recall visiting local pretzel bakeries for fresh, hot delicious soft baked pretzels. They are truly my weakness to this day. I can’t find these places in the south. There is an emphasis on other baked goods like cupcakes and sweets, however “where have all the pretzels gone?” I always enjoy a pretzel with a pop, or soda, or is it a coke?

Photo by Buenosia Carol on Pexels.com

If you find a place let me know. I do know that a Philly pretzel company opened up recently, but closed because of the virus situation. I did not get a chance to try them. I have also found out that GreenWise Market imports their pretzels from Belgium. They are great!

4.My What a Big Bow you Have!

There is a thing in the south with little girls and the bigger the bow in the hair the better.

Its common to see little girls with really large bows in their hair. I have never seen this up north or the emphasis on bows in general till I came to live here. Maybe I was just complacent, or did not notice. Thoughts?

5.Fire Ants: They are NOT Just Called that Because they are Red

Photo by Ugyen Tshering on Pexels.com

What was it that joker said to Batman “You ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?” You would find out what that is like when you step in a fire ant hill at night, or during the day for that matter. These nasty creatures are small, red, and they make mounds that will astonish you.

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