3 Tips for Consumers When Ordering Curbside or Takeout Orders

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Did your favorite restaurant turn into a curb-side  or takeout orders only during the shut-down? While you can still get that awesome meal you crave, there are some things that you may need to heed when ordering from your usual or favorite place.  One huge issue that keeps turning up is that many restaurants never expected to have to deal with the amount of takeout orders that they are currently having to fulfill. While they transition into this role, it is important that we not only support them, but allow them a little wiggle room when it comes to errors and longer than usual waits. 

1. Use On-line Ordering if Possible

Many restaurants have had a lot of phone calls and other things going on while trying to keep up with the demand of orders. By utilizing on-line ordering, it creates a win-win for you and the business.  You can not only search through the menu, but take your time on-line, thus making the phone lines more available and freeing up staff. If there is no on-line ordering, be sure to have your order written out and ready to read. This makes it easier for you to remember what you ordered and when its read back to you, you can check for accuracy.

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2. Try not to Arrive Before Your Order is Ready

Many local places do not have room for a lot of people standing around waiting for their orders. This can cause confusion and “people pile-ups”. To protect others and to keep the restaurants from getting “social distancing” complaints, try to adhere to the pick-up time provided by staff.

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Be Kind, Be Flexible, and Be Thankful

So, lets face it. No one is perfect. This transition is not only hard on owners, but it comes as a shock to employees who for weeks, months, and even years were taught to do things a certain way. They now have to change their thinking and training and adapt to a new style of management and new procedures. Sometimes they run out of something, other times your order may not be complete. Places are still willing to provide customer service and glad you are coming to spend your money with them. Just be open to change as mush as they are open to still being open! Tip well and thank your local store employees and hospitality workers.

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Let me know if you have any other suggestions or tips!

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