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P-51(Performance-51) : Mobile Detailing Service-Young Business Owner Redefines Clean

Is Your Car Really Clean?

Jonathan Dittmar would answer this for you: No. Having your car detailed is not only important for its overall care and longevity, but it is now a means to maintain a properly sanitized automobile. With the emergency currently facing our country with Covid-19, cleaning everything is a priority. P-51 is here to help!

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Dittmar

Being young maybe an obstacle for some, but not Jonathan. He has taken his love for his 2016 Competition Orange Mustang and evolved it into a serious business built on trust and professionalism. While still attending Lexington High School as a senior, Jonathan started his detailing service after receiving numerous compliments on his own vehicle.

I drive a 2016 Competition Orange Mustang, and having it look brand new is one of my top priorities. Almost everywhere I go, I get comments on how nice it looks, and even multiple people asking me to detail their own vehicles! As people began to offer to pay me to clean their cars, it inspired me to turn my skill into a business.

Jonathan Dittmar, Owner: P-51
Photo courtesy of Jonathan Dittmar

He then learned the ins and outs of the trade from working a detailing job. Confident he could venture out on his own, he created a website, logo, business page and packages for his customers. In the future, he hopes to turn his brand into a custom shop. He plans on having detailing vans, serving larger areas, and always offering a unique experience for his customers.

I currently provide my sanitizing interior package. This is my favorite service because I give people the ability to stay home, and out of danger, while I protect them and their vehicle from the spreading virus. We offer “freebies”, unbeatable quality details and friendly customer service.

Jonathan Dittmar, Owner: P-51
Photo courtesy of Jonathan Dittmar

Professional Auto Detailing that Comes to You

P-51 Will come to your home or other location

During a time where people are less likely to leave their homes, P-51 can come to you so you do not have to worry about going anywhere. They offer a number of packages and if you require something different just ask! They are currently serving in the Lexington SC area, however they are able to travel outside those limits upon request.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Dittmar

Contact P-51

You can “cruise” through many of the epic photos that Jonathan has on his Facebook page at The Performance-51 . You can also view packages, check out pricing and book an appointment on his website by clicking this link: P-51 (Performance-51) Mobile Detailing

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