Amazing-Aldi Grocery Delivery is a Must Try NOW

Ever been at work and sat there actually dreading your trip to the grocery store? I often have experienced this and most of the time have to make the trip several times a week!

Aldi Delivery a Must Try

I was skeptical at first, but had a friend who used it a day earlier said she was really pleased. I downloaded the APP and selected “Grocery Delivery” and began selecting my groceries. It was too easy!

Aldi App

App took seconds to download and this screen came up as soon as I went into the app. I didn’t click around, I was too excited about the grocery delivery!!

What Happens if They Don’t Have Something?

So, I was worried about this happening, and it did, but not painful. After I completed my order there was questions for substitutes. You could either accept them or not. I also got a text from my “shopper” which was super cool.

Text from Aldi

I picked a drop off time between 4-5pm. You can have it delivered as soon as possible, my friend got her entire order in 30 minutes. You have to be there to receive them, obviously because I ordered meat and other perishable. They were delivered at 405pm. PERFECT!

There was no Delivery Change! I repeat NO DELIVERY CHARGE! However, you should tip your shopper! I gave 15.00 on an order for 103.00. The 15.00 bucks is worth me not having to step foot into a the grocery store. In the future, I will definitely give more. You have to put in your zip code to make sure they offer the service in your area! If you have had an experience, let me know what you think.

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