Acceptance and Life’s Journey: I Love Me Yoga-Heather Nieves

Heather Nieves loves yoga and helping others love yoga and themselves. Throughout her life she has been a size six to eighteen and knows what obstacles some woman face with acceptance and body image. For three years Heather as been a Woman’s Empowerment Couch and added yoga instructor to her resume over eight months ago:

As a Yoga Teacher & Women’s Empowerment Coach I work with women in person and virtually in group settings and private

Heather Nieves
Photo courtesy of Heather Nieves

If you venture to Heather’s I Love Me Yoga Facebook Page you’ll find a charismatic smile and contagious spirit who will fill you with an abundance of light and encouragement.

I guide women on a journey to self acceptance through movement & meditation, to embrace their bodies & show up #AUTHENTICAF in life and business!

Heather Nieves

Moving from Southern California to Lexington in 2019, Heather continues to develop and build on her vision that she has for her business and living a life that contributes to her community:

Community means the world to me. We all need human connection but I crave deep connection. I’ll be launching a group program virtually soon for women ready to Reclaim their identity outside of mom & wife. My virtual yoga and meditation membership will also be available soon for those unable to make it to a session in person. I will of course be adding to my schedule teaching staff at local businesses, continuing to teach at local yoga studios in addition to leading workshops and retreats.

Heather Nieves
Photo courtesy of Heather Nieves

Heather and her husband have been together for fourteen years and they have a four and a half year old son. She understands the importance of sharing her journey as she has moved 25 times in the last 34 years! Her experiences have allowed her to meet numerous people and have a different perspective that she uses to benefit others:

My goal is to create a safe space to practice yoga & meditation. It can be uncomfortable trying something new but if the space I create can allow someone to feel safe enough to continue working on themselves, then my work is done. Thats so fulfilling to me.

Heather Nieves

Heather emphasizes that her trials and errors are apart of who she is and how she becomes better. Her hashtag #AUTHENTICAF is the mantra which guides her business and what she conveys to woman for their empowerment.

If you want to find out more about Heather and her I love Me Yoga, please visit her amazing Facebook page at I Love Me Yoga where you will find her schedules and her electrifying videos!

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  1. Heather says:

    With all of my heart thank you for my feature! I hope you can make it to my Grand Opening of my mini zen den at CoCreate in Lexington on March 8th 1-4pm!

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