Sovereign Swarms: 100% Beeswax Candles- Experience Longer Burn and Cleaner Air

Frank longed to make Beeswax Candles for years. As an adolescent, he helped his uncle on his farm tend to many beehives harvesting honey and raising hives. With this as his inspiration, he began to “buzz” around for a beeswax supplier that could provide quality wax.

Photo courtesy of Sovereign Swarm Candle Company

After weeks of searching, Frank found a bee farm with magnificent quality, worthy enough for him to stand behind his candles as 100% pure Beeswax. Townsend Honey Farm in Starke Florida produces beeswax bars for candle makers.

Photo courtesy of Sovereign Swarm

The bars look like gold and smell like honey. They are filtered to perfection. Sovereign Swarm Candle Company candle’s are special; they are handmade, pure 100% beeswax and provide an atmosphere in your home that is free of chemicals that come from burning other types of candles. Beeswax is nature’s way of giving us a truly wonderful gift.

Photo courtesy of Sovereign Swarm Candle Company

Frank has crafted these candles from hand and has become quite an expert handling the beeswax. He says that beeswax can be difficult to deal with, however the key to making candles with it is to have patience. They don’t have the same properties as soy or paraffin candles, so the process takes more time.

Photo courtesy of Sovereign Swarm Candle Company

There are two lines of candles currently being offered by Sovereign Swarm : Sovereign Scented and The Queen’s Original. The scented line is amazing! The two scents offered are Cinnamon Vanilla and Frankincense. Both unique and they smell divine. The above red candle is the Cinnamon Vanilla and the green is the Frankincense. If you have never smelled Frankincense, it is majestic.

The Queen’s Original is your beeswax candle. The candles will smell faintly of honey. They burn bright and clean.

Photo courtesy of Sovereign Swarm Candle Company

The candles come in various sizes. They offer votives in glass or stand alone. They also offer large pillar candles. If you like to learn more please visit Sovereign Swarm 100% Beeswax Candles via the web.

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