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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Frenchies Modern Nail Care in Lexington SC

I walked into my first nail appointment in years last Thursday, November 21, at Frenchies Modern Nail Care in Lexington South Carolina. Immediately I knew I was not in a typical nail salon.

Photo courtesy of Julie Riley, Studio Owner

Your first inhale inside Frenchies Modern Nail Care will amaze you. No chemical smells or sounds of rotating nail tools, just natural essential oils and pure cleanliness. Laughter and smiles greeted me at the counter. I was given a tour of the entire studio and given options for my scrub that would be used during my mani-pedi. I selected the Lemongrass. It was absolutely wonderful!

Photo courtesy of Julie Riley, Studio Owner

To enlighten you, here is a list of 3 things you may not have know about Frenchies and Studio owner Julie Riley:

  1. “We Love Clean” – this phrase is not only in large print on the wall, but it is also as it appears. Frenchies “wears” clean. The aromatic air will assure you this is a priority to the staff and studio owner!

We are a breath of fresh air, literally. We go above and beyond state health regulations including our ventilation. We take our “We Love Clean” tagline seriously. We don’t use any harmful chemicals during services, which includes harmful acrylics, and we take it up a notch from there with an additional ventilation system to make sure we have a healthy and great smelling environment for not only our guests, but our staff as well. This is part of the reason we are able to attract high level talent within the industry.

Studio Owner Julie Riley

2. Frenchies carries EMMA nail polish which is V.S.N.P. (Very Special Nail Polish) – not only is the studio using essential oils and natural sugar scrubs and lotions (paraben free), they have EMMA polish which is 12 + free of harmful ingredients.

all of the polishes we use in studio are free of the 3 most harmful chemicals and we have our popular EMMA line that is 12-free of the worst chemicals on the market. Our sugar scrubs, lotions and soaps are made using essential oils, minimally processed plant oils, and botanicals, while avoiding sulfates, phthalates and parabens!

Studio Owner Julie Riley
Photo courtesy of Julie Riley, Studio Owner

3. Safe, fun and friendly professional staff equals a better experience for you! – Nekee provided such a wonderful experience for me . Not only was she hilarious, she really paid attention to detail, treated me with kindness and made sure I was happy before I left the studio.

Frenchies offers a new kind of mani-pedi experience. We do things differently than your typical salon. At Frenchies, you’ll find friendly pros, a funvibe, posh pampering without the steep prices, and a super clean, inviting space that will change the way you expect your nail care to be delivered!

Studio Owner Julie Riley
Photo courtesy of Julie Riley, Studio Owner

Julie knows what you experience at her studio will change the way you view nail care. Customers have already learned that Frenchies is a thousand steps ahead of your normal nail salon. As Julie says:

Revolutionizing the Nail Care Industry with unparalleled guest experiences delivered by top-notch professionals, cleanliness and top notch products makes owning a Frenchies very rewarding.

Julie Riley

Julie is proud of her business and feels that she is fortunate to have her studio in Lexington. She loves this community and says that it “feels more like family to her than a destination on a map.”

Photo courtesy of Julie Riley, Studio Owner

Julie boost that her strong supportive team made opening her business less scary and a super rewarding experience. With her dedicated staff and top notch studio, this place is a wonderful addition to Lexington.

Want to check out Frenchies Modern Nail Care? You can book an appointment online at Frenchies Modern Nail Care Lexington . You can also visit their Facebook page at Frenchies Modern Nail Care Lexington .

Photo courtesy of Julie Riley, Studio Owner

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