Fit Body Bootcamp Lexington: Find Joy in your Workout

Joy Gallo has a passion for fitness that is truly inspiring. Her love for exercise and helping others get inspired developed during her career as an elementary school teacher. While she enjoyed teaching and found it rewarding, she was yearning for something more fulfilling that would combine both her desire to educate and her adoration for exercise.

Photo courtesy of Joy Gallo

To Joy, fitness was more than just a routine, it’s a lifestyle. She loved experimenting with different types of home workouts and for 6 years while teaching, she would workout on her own at home. Joy realized that she needed a change. Not only were home workouts lonely, but they lacked the camaraderie and enthusiasm of group exercise.

I found I was much more inspired by working out with like-minded people. It was motivating to see people realize they were so much stronger than they think they are.

Joy Gallo

Moved by her unwavering commitment to stay active and also wanting to give back to the community, Joy opened Fit Body Bootcamp so that she could change people’s lives and help them succeed.

Fit Body is changing people’s lives in only 30 minutes. Whether you want to lose weight, gain confidence and strength we are here for you and can help you achieve those goals. We hope our clients feel welcomed and energized by our workouts. We want this 30 minutes to be the best part of your day and for our clients to leave here feeling good about what they can do.

Joy Gallo

Joy emphasizes that Fit Body is more than just place to exercise, it’s a community within the community. They offer encouragement, support and accountability for their members.

In your 30 minute session, Joy wants you to “maximize your time”. The quality of Fit Body workouts will leave you feeling better about yourself and help you obtain your fitness goals without spending hours in the gym. Joy also wanted to make it affordable!

Photo courtesy of Joy Gallo

During the month of October, sign up for 28 days for only $67.00. This month, half of the proceeds will be donated to The Bright Pink Organization . Fit Body is for every age and fitness level. If you want to know more you can contact them via Facebook at Lexington Fit Body Bootcamp or their website at Lexington Fit Body . They are located in Hobby Lobby shopping center next to Mod Pizza off 378 in Lexington South Carolina.

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