End Iron: Tyler Forges Business with Fiery Results

Proud father of three and doting husband to his amazing wife, Tyler Jones works hard and loves his work. An Environmental Health and Safety professional by day, Tyler has been to over 7 different countries. His traveling and love for his day job lead him to dream big.

Photo courtesy of Tyler Jones

Tyler created the name of his business by using the first letters of his children’s names. In their order from youngest to oldest they spelled END, thus forming End Iron.

Tyler offers all types of metal decorations. He eventually wants to expand into fencing and other types of metal work.

My vision for this is to grow into almost a multifaceted machine shop. I have collected machinery over the years that I have picked up at auction and other various sales for other reasons that have complemented this business as well.

Tyler Jones

Photo courtesy of Tyler Jones

Tyler’s passion for his work and iron art flows from his supportive family. His wife even helps him in the shop. His vast number of creative metal works can been seen on his Instagram account @End_Iron_.

Customers of End Iron can expect to be listened to and enjoy the experience of having their desired design come to life. Although, Tyler says he may not be able to make everything, what he does is astonishing!

The biggest experience I can hope people will come away with is that they can have a fun experience. I have people ask me if I can do this or that. Some things I cannot do, and other things are really interesting ideas that they thought could not be done

Tyler Jones

Photo courtesy of Tyler Jones

End Iron is a unique way for you to have a chance to design what you want and display a relic that will last generations.

Photo courtesy of Tyler Jones

If you would love to see your creation melt it’s way into your life, you can contact END IRON at Tyler@endiron.com or give him a call at 304-654-0774 .

Photo courtesy of Tyler Jones

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