The Swanky BlackBird: Bringing the Abandon Out of the Ashes

Michelle Curran -the Phoenix; inspired by a will to stay-at-home with her three children and her passion for art, she “brushed” her way into a business. It all began with a refinished piece that Michelle named “Ophelia” which means “help” in Greek. The piece caught the eye of a domestic violence victim who had just overcame a terrible experience. She had to have it. Michelle states that this encounter in her garage, gave her inspiration to continue her art.

The client saw it and had to have it, she felt a pull to the piece. After that encounter with her in my garage, and hearing her story, I decided that I would buy broken & abandoned furniture from His House Ministries, flip them and make them beautiful again. Beauty from the ashes. It is a cycle that keeps on going.

Michelle Curran, The Swanky Blackbird

The Swanky Blackbird arose from Michelle’s unique art style and her love for all things “Boho”.

Photos courtesy of Michelle Curran

Michelle, a journalist by trade, put down her pen and picked up a color pallet. She creates vibrant canvas paintings and saves forgotten furniture. To look at her designs and pieces of salvaged items means marveling at the detail and individuality.

Photos courtesy of Michelle Curran

Michelle has brought new life to over 103 pieces of furniture. She has been selling her art in Lexington, Irmo and Columbia area for about a year and a half. She does all this while raising three boys, one of them just two months old and her and her husband serving as foster parents.

Photos courtesy of Michelle Curran

We are also licensed foster parents for the state of SC. We have had 4 children placed with us, and recently opened our home back up since my youngest, Prior, was born.
I like wine.
I love Jesus.
I am a free spirit. I have a nose ring, numerous tattoos and my hair changes vivid colors quite often.

Michelle Curran

While Michelle is happy creating her art out of her garage, she dreams for a store in Lexington. She wants to be able to display her numerous pieces and provide a special experience for her customers. She really takes the time to get to know her clients so that each piece not only speaks directly to them, but encapsulates her fervor and talent. Although Michelle is a proclaimed self-taught artist, her creativity is nonetheless stunning.

Photo courtesy of Michelle Curran

Michelle’s art has afforded her to befriend most of her clients, which she really welcomes and considers a privilege with her business. Her consultation is a way for her to gage the client; discussing color, visions and learning what her clients really likes or dislike.

I take the time to talk with each of them, some of them I even go into their home to get the vibe. We discuss color schemes and their vision in detail, and that creates a bond between myself and the client.

Michelle Curran

Photo courtesy of Michelle Curran

Michelle’s art is truly singular. Buy or have her create something for you and you are able to own a one-of-a-kind created artwork that no one else has.

Photo courtesy of Michelle Curran

She currently has several paintings at Cafe Strudel inWest Columbia for sale and will be attending the Enoree Harvest Festival in Newberry on October 12th 2019 as an art vendor. You can contact Michelle on her beautiful website at The Swanky Blackbird she also has a Facebook @theswankyblackbird and the on Instagram @theswankyblackbird .

Photo courtesy of Michelle Curran

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