Carolina Keto Cakes: Yates Mates Keto with Sweet Treats

When you think of the keto diet, normally your mind does not travel to the realm of sweet treats and breads, however Nicole Yates had a vision. When she began her keto journey over a year ago, she quickly discovered alternatives for delicious baked goods and started making them for her family. They were a hit!

Photo courtesy of Nicole Yates, Carolina Keto Cakes

Nicole is originally a dental hygienist and from North Carolina. She has lost 55 pounds on her journey to a healthier lifestyle. When her husband was faced with a job transfer, they moved to Lexington in February of 2019. Nicole felt that she was missing an “ingredient” in her life and decided to “measure” the concept of a Keto based baking business.

In 4 months, my business has grown large enough that I am moving into a commercial space soon and have brought in a second team member. Lexington and the surrounding area have supported me so much and I’m honored and in awe of this journey. People want a healthy alternative.

Nicole Yates, Owner of Carolina Keto Cakes
Nicole and her Husband before and after: photo curiosity of Nicole Yates, Carolina Keto Cakes

Nicole saw the need for a keto business here in Lexington and decided not to peruse her dental hygienists career; instead she began baking. She is passionate about her lifestyle change and baking delicious cupcakes, bagels, mini cupcakes, biscuits, stuffed bagels balls, cookies and her specialty: whoopie pies.

Photo courtesy of Nicole Yates, Carolina Keto Cakes

My favorite cupcake is any of our weekly cheesecake varieties. I love cheesecake and we make some amazing ones.

Nicole Yates, Owner of Carolina Keto Cakes
Photo courtesy of Nicole Yates, Carolina Keto Cakes

Although, Nicole has found some challenges along the way, she says the overwhelming support in the Lexington community has been instrumental in her pursuit. Nicole loves living in Lexington South Carolina and has found that the people here offer nothing but positive vibes encouragement.

People are so nice and just want to see you succeed. It makes me fall more in love with Lexington. I dream of opening my own stand alone bakery here in Lexington. I would love to have a Carolina keto cakes in cities all across the country.

Nicole Yates, Owner of Carolina Keto Cakes

On Carolina Keto Cakes Facebook page you can also find support and stories from others that have made the decision to change their lifestyle. Nicole says that she is your biggest cheerleader and wants to help others through her baking and weight loss success. For more information or to order some tasty keto cakes of your own you can visit Carolina Keto Cakes on the web.

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  1. Johnson Jane says:

    That is so awesome! Unless she really calls them “whoppie” pies, like “that is a ‘whopper’of a good pie!”, the spelling should be ‘whoopie’ 😉
    Great write-up, have a wonderful week!!

    1. Angela says:

      Yes you are correct I’ll make sure to make that correction! Thank you! Lol

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