Thyme to Grow Gardening: An Edible Garden With Power

Brittany Power takes amazing photos and grows amazing plants! Her love for plant life “stems” from her grandmother who grew vegetables to share with the family during meals. Eventually, that love for her grandmother’s home grown veggies “blossomed” into a college degree.

Photo courtesy of Brittany Power-Thyme to Grow Gardening LLC

Brittany attended USC-Upstate planning to go to medical school. While working on her Bachelors in Science degree she was approached by a professor- Dr. Montgomery, who “planted the seed” that “bloomed” into a Botany Degree, thus switching Brittany’s original plans. She did two years of plant research that afforded her the opportunity to present her findings at state and nationwide conferences. After graduation, she worked as a Botanist in North Carolina at the North Carolina Arboretum.

Photo courtesy of Brittany Power-Thyme to Grow Gardening LLC

She didn’t stop there. Turning her passion into a successful career she began “digging” in and working long hours at several labs. However, with her recent marriage and passing of her father, Brittany felt it was time to step back, refocus her goals and go back to her “roots”. What her grandmother did years ago she wanted to share with others in her own way.

Photo courtesy of Brittany Power-Thyme to Grow Gardening LLC

So begins Thyme to Grow Gardening LLC. What Brittany offers is a chance for those that want to know more about edible gardening or have questions a place where they can get answers or help.

There are no silly questions, and we don’t believe in a “green thumb”. We believe that with some guidance, and love, anyone can grow a successful garden! I love helping others and gardening, so for me to be able to put those two things together in a career, is life-changing!

-Brittany Powers; Thyme to Grow

With her creativity that illuminates her photos, Brittany offers a wide range of consulting, landscaping, installation and advice on Edible Gardens that she can help not only become a success, but make them visually stunning. If you are a business or restaurant owner or even just for your home, Thyme to Grow has an arrangement for you! She even offers maintenance for your garden. If you aren’t sure what you want, Thyme to Grow offers a one hour consultation to discuss your needs and what you can or cannot grow at your home or business.

This consult allows me to learn more about the client’s edible garden desires, what plants they want and can grow, as well as discussing raised bed design ideas, and the type of landscaping that would best fit their home and yard.

Brittany Power-Thyme to Grow

For Brittany, her work and gardens are an art. She is able to fully express her creativity and love for helping people and plants. Eventually, Brittany hopes to have editable gardens all over Lexington.

Photo courtesy of Brittany Power-Thyme to Grow Gardening LLC

the most important part of choosing to have an edible garden is the BENEFITS! Clients will not only enjoy the rewarding feeling of eating clean, healthy vegetables and herbs from their own garden, but also have a place to socialize, and share memories with loved ones.

Brittany Power-Thyme to Grow

Photo courtesy of Brittany Power-Thyme to Grow Gardening LLC

To learn more, Brittany can be reached via email at . You can also follow her impressive Instagram (You will love the photos!).

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