3 Things You Can Not Go Without During Hurricane Season (Part satire, part helpful advise)

Hurricane season is upon us. Every good coastal dwellers knows that during a hurricane, life cannot be sustained without copious amounts of bread, milk and water.

Bread becomes a delicacy. This object made of flour and yeast that is usually stocked in abundance on grocery stores shelves, disappears. Nothing left but some overpriced artisan buns sitting helplessly alone, forced to rot.

Hurricane Matthew 2016

Wherever the bread goes, I’m sure people use it for making water and milk sandwiches. Milk is the next item that cannot be found during “panic shopping” when a “cane” is approaching.

Milk; does the body good and sustains life during power outages, strong winds and possible flooding. Like your favorite superhero, milk is here to save the day: until it’s kryptonite appears-“a powerless refrigerator”. The only remedy is a cooler, prepped in advance with a bed of ice to give milk its powers back. Ice, water, water and ice, the cycle is never ending.

Bottled water gives people hope. It presents itself in singles, six packs, a dozen or your occasional twenty four with “extras” making it twenty eight. Some maybe even more privileged to find a “thirtysixer”. If you’re not prepared in advance, you’ll be rushing out to clear the shelves for this liquid. Store owners who suddenly see the value in what has been collecting dust, now have the opportunity to be announced on Facebook that they have the last remaining water in town. Thus, a single bottle could cost you more than a meal at Chick-fil-a.

So where do you buy these three elusive items for the best prices? Well unfortunately for milk and bread, you can only purchase so far in advance, unless you freeze them. Water can be bought now and stocked up on so that you’re not a victim of price hikes.

Lidl has a great price on a twenty four pack of water. Coming in at about $2.50, it’s a sweet deal. View 6 Ways to Make Sure Your Lidl Shopping Trip is Not a Nightmare before you shop for some great tips. They also have great prices on milk!

Food lion has great bread prices. Did you know? Bread can be frozen for up to six months! Milk can also be frozen for three months! When you thaw frozen bread, it taste better if it is toasted.

What are some ways you prepare in advance? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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