Mission Thrift Store Lexington South Carolina

Thrift Store Finds: Saving a Dollar and Giving Back-Mission Thrift Store

When we think of Thrift Lexington stores, our mind generally visualizes the ever popular GoodWill, which has two locations in Lexington that are relatively new. And they are best for shopping in Lexington.

Lexington Stores

Thrifting can be a fun and adventurous experience when you visit other locations. There are several other thrift Lexington stores in the area where you can find your “honey hole” and help others by shopping and donating your items. Let’s explore one of the many thrift stores Lexington has to offer. We will visit more in the weeks to come and have a featured article for each.

Mission Thrift Store

Lexington Stores

Mission is a small Lexington store with a variety of items. They have clothes, household goods and a really awesome selection of paintings and wall art. Their prices are “mission possible”! They also provide ways for you to acquire discount coupons and regularly have sales.

shopping in lexington

They are located at 216 Harmon St in Lexington. Be sure to scope out their website here: Mission Thrift Store before stopping by to learn more about their mission, store hours and community support services.

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