Creative Business Owner Creates Patriotic Flags Out of Wood

Dennis Richard had a hobby. He loved making wooden creations that pleased his family and friends. As Dennis expressed his patriotism through his hands, his fans encouraged him to go all in and start selling his pieces so that everyone could enjoy them.

Betsy Ross Flag by Palmetto Flags

Dennis did just that and Palmetto Flags was forged into existence.

I happen to hear about Dennis by word of mouth, and immediately got online to look at his website. What I saw really amazed me. I contacted him and purchased the Betsy Ross Flag. It is stunning. This will be an excellent addition to our new home and I cannot wait to display it.

I wanted to know more about Dennis and his extraordinary flags. Dennis explained that he puts quality first in his flags. He personally hand picks white wood and does not use pallet wood, which sets him apart from many other flag makers. More importantly, they are weather resistant and the wood is treated so your purchase will last for years to come.

Dennis established his business a little over a year ago. His focus is providing these wooden flags at an affordable rate and having his pieces standout for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Dennis also has an enormous amount of patriotism which is manifested through his designs. If you live in Lexington, you can also save on shipping by selecting “local pick-up” when you check out! Dennis will meet you so that you can retrieve your flag!

If you want to know more or have questions, you can email Dennis at

His website is:

And he can also be followed on Instagram and Facebook at Palmettoflags

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