Surprisingly Clever 6 Year Gives to Feed Zoo Animals and Raises Money with the Help of Dad’s Lawn Service

Lexington’s Grace has always displayed an enormous amount of compassion for people and animals. Currently, she helps her father with mowing lawns and collects $5.00 from the $25.00 he receives to help feed animals at Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens .

But Grace wants to give more! The adorable 6 year old is coming up with ideas to raise money to help buy her brother a play set. With the help of her father Drew, Grace is involved in the family company called PGJ Industries, LLC. Her dream is to make and sell delicious gourmet lollipops. Currently, she is raising capital to start production by selling off her old toys to consignment shops and writing letters to gain support.

Drew Almy, Grace’s father explains that her inquisitive nature and kind disposition is the driving force behind these business ventures.

She a loving girl and smart, so smart. She understands things more compassionately then most people I’ve ever

With Drew’s lawn service business, he is able to teach Grace the importance of money, hard work and local advertising. It’s not often that you hear of families allowing their children to participate actively in a family owned operation, but what an opportunity for Grace to take her ideas into a tangible reality.

To contact Drew about lawn care or find out more about Grace”s plans you can message them on Facebook messenger at: poweredbypeach you can also email :

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