Clever Back to School Tips to Ease your Commute and Schedule Change

Lexington County School District One‘s first day of school is August 20th. Like many parents I am excited, yet stressing about the changes in traffic and schedules. Here are some simple tips that may help you!

If you have to take your kids to school LEAVE Early.

If you leave early enough, you could avoid a lot of traffic and parking problems that occur close to when school starts. This also gives you the opportunity for first day pictures and if you have little ones, time to walk them in if your school allows.

Avoiding the School Zones/Highways if possible, can decrease time spent in traffic.

I’ve learned over the years, that I don’t have to take the highway and sometimes even though the route is longer, you will save time avoiding school zones. Often the first couple weeks, parents and teachers have an adjustment period where they are dealing with changes in traffic patterns and ways to be more efficient. See if you can change your route. For example, my kids ride the bus so I don’t have to take them to school. I take highway 6 over the Dam toward Irmo and get to West Columbia via Old Bush River Rd. HUGE TIME SAVER!

Find another Parent to Car pool with or assist with practice schedules.

My daughter plays sports and myself and her best friend’s mother Nicole who is featured here: Learn How IT WORKS Will Turn Your Fitness Dreams Into a Reality take turns driving and picking up. Having an additional mom is epic! We both communicate regularly on practice schedules and other things that her schedule may not allow her to attend or mine conflicts and she can go. You don’t have to do it all alone!

Cook breakfast on Sunday for the week and meal prep for dinner for the week ahead.

Cooking is something that if I don’t do I spend too much money and when I don’t prep ahead-I spend too much money! For breakfast I always have “grab and goes” hanging out in the fridge. For dinner I unusual do a slow-cooker meal that is ready with little prep when I get home. Check out these ideas for breakfast MamaCheaps Breakfast Ideas

for dinner ideas in the slow-cooker check out this link: The Recipe Rebel

If you have anything that you start to do differently that helps your family, please share! It takes a village!

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