Learn How IT WORKS Will Turn Your Fitness Dreams Into a Reality

Nicole Kolakovich is your Lexington IT WORKS representative. Although she is an amazing woman, inside and out her story is one of struggles with her weight and a battle with Thyroid Cancer in 2005.

With the birth of two of her children between 2006 and 2009, Nicole gained more weight and lost energy along with her health. By the year 2012, at her heaviest, she was placed on blood pressure medication at the youthful age of 28!

Nicole knew she needed to take action, not only for herself but for her family. In 2013 she turned to a Keto lifestyle and regular exercise. 2015 brought Nicole to the IT WORKS products that she immediately fell in love with thus, revolutionizing her fitness goals.

Little did Nicole know, her sample of “Berry Greens” would lead her to a support system and a new career! She not only believes in these products but she understands what overweight people are going through.

Nicole wanted to give back to her community and share what she found in IT WORKS to help others. She states:

They gave me back my energy, helped with my stomach issues and just made me feel good! I finally asked myself ‘why am I not sharing these with the world’ so in June of 2017 I joined It works! I never did anything like this and I’m not a sales person but I love to help people and I believe in our products, so I talked to everyone about it! 

Nicole’s first year with the company was such a success-she went Diamond. She was all in making this her full time job after attending her first conference in Orlando Florida in 2018.

I help others with health and wellness goals as well as financial goals. I love that with this company you will get exactly what you put in and more!! Our CEO leads from the front, is always pushing us to grow and always providing us with amazing products that add value. I have made friendships that are like family thanks to this business. It has forever changed our lives for the better!

Every morning, Nicole and her Fiancé Robby have Keto Coffee LIVE with you. She says that she loves all the products she uses and particularly has an obsession with IT WORKS skin care line-Liquid Gold and a product called Confianza that helps with what she refers to as ” Mom Brain” when she feels overwhelmed.

My 90 day challenges includes free meal plan, free app with daily workouts, recipes and opportunities for free/discounted products! 

Nicole’s advice for anyone seeking help with their fitness or wellness is “ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOU!!! Speak what you want into existence, believe it and make it happen!!!

She is a true testament to finding your passion and living your dream. She and Robby have six children and a granddaughter. They not only benefit financially from IT WORKS but their family does as well. They work together, play together and love and laugh together. Nicole says : “A golden nugget of advice; be you be raw and believe in what you do. If you don’t, no one will believe you either. LIVE YOUR PASSION, LOVE OUT-LOUD AND BE A BLESSING!”

With the endless amount of people she has helped and the future she is continuing to build with her family, Nicole is proof that your weight or health issues are not permanent circumstances. There is something for everyone with her company, including all natural plant based products for every lifestyle.

You can reach Nicole at 810-488-0978 and on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – Nicole KolakovichShe is always available for text or phone calls to answer any questions you may have.

Check out her website Nicole It Works

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