Discover 5 Epic Wedding Venues in Lexington South Carolina

Getting married? It can be a stressful time. With planning, family, friends and everyone having their ideas to share; picking a venue close to home can be more beneficial than a destination wedding.

Here are 5 places in Lexington SC that host weddings.

1. Cinnamon Hills House and Gardens

Super close to everything! Cinnamon Hills provides last minute bookings and amazing pictures. Check out their website for more information.

2. Wintergreen Woods

Want a beautiful outside backdrop and an array of flowers and plants; this is your place! Visit the website to see the packages and other offers.

3. Corley Mill House

Breath taking photos and fantastic gardens and landscaping. Corley Mill House is a unique way to share your special day. Visit their website for an exceptional video and more information.

4. Taylor Plantation

The possibles are endless with this venue! Visit the link for the Facebook page and photos outside and inside. They offer a lot of options and are ready to answer your questions.

5. Southern Oaks 378

If you want rustic charm and that country Southern feel, you have found your place. Located in Gilbert, the scenery will captivate you. Head over to their website for more!

Did you have a unique or other wedding spot in Lexington you want to tell us about. Leave a comment below.

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