The Record Bar and Arcade Lounge -Lexington SC Antiques, Records and Pinball

Step into nostalgic memories and old records galore. Owner Tim Merritt has an eclectic style and has stocked his store with the largest selection of old records in the area. He has also managed to obtain a large collection of iconic video games and pinball machines!

Tim, a watch maker by trade can also repair watches, fix your pinball machine, tell you about collectible toys and get you any vintage record you are searching for.

Five bucks on Saturday’s play pinball, old games and lounge with friends.

Occasionally, on Wednesday’s Tim has live music and offers a fantastic stage, engaging atmosphere and his hospitality is endless.

If you need help with anything related to Tim’s expertise, he is a cornucopia of knowledge with jewelry, watches, old coins, collectable toys, old gaming equipment, pinball machines, and has experience with buying and selling these items.

If you are looking for old records or pinball is your favorite pastime; or perhaps you would like a different venue to spend some time and venture into the past, stop by the The Records Bar and Arcade Lounge . They are open Tuesday- Saturday 11am-7pm. You can also check out the link above for more details.

I want to personally thank owner Tim Merritt for allowing me to interview him for this article. He is a awesome tour guide and let me dive into questions and explore his store without hesitation. Lexington definitely has a gem right here in the heart of our town. Thank you Tim! Can’t wait to visit again!

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