Buying an Affordable Home in Lexington

You’re idea of “affordable” maybe different from others, but right now homes in Lexington are selling like crazy.

If you see one you like and it hasn’t been on the market long, it may not be there by the time you are able to get a showing time. Agent Teresa Clarkson with Keller Williams Reality expresses that the current “sweet spot” for the market are homes priced between $150,000-$200,000.

I wanted to write about this subject to highlight our own struggles with wanting to live in a certain area and not have a higher house payment. Right now we rent and are looking to buy. As our children are facing their last year in middle school and elementary school, they wanted to stay inside River Bluff zoning so they can be with their friends.

Understandable, however this obstacle has limited our home choices. While my son attends Midway and my daughter attends Lexington Middle, we are virtually look for a house in a “box”. We aren’t willing to spend a whole lot because a house payment is something we would like to keep under $1200.

Although we have seen many homes there are only 2 that we liked. One in the Whiteford Subdivision had a ratified contract while we were looking at it, even though the listing agent promised we would have till 2pm to make an offer. We offered anyway but were told we were going to be a “backup offer”. The second is an amazing home on Mazie Dr., but after seeing it the bedrooms were too small. It was a let down for us, but we have three kids and need some space.

Our agent Teresa with Keller Williams is amazing, incredibly patient and reassuring. Her words of ” don’t worry, the right one is out there and we have time” were really reassuring. We will continue to look and hope for that gem out there.

If your interested in speaking to Teresa Clarkson about buying and selling in the Lexington/Columbia area her phone number is as follows: (803) 467-3639

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