The Dam House: A Dam Unique Experience

At first glance, the newly established Dam House appears inviting and friendly. Once inside, the Dam House offers nothing less than a friendly, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Sit at the bar and enjoy a SaltLife Lager. See my review here: Salt Life Lager: Salt Life . While sipping your wine or beer, you’ll notice the small touches that make this place so different than anything around Lexington. There’s a “cozy couch corner” , angled perfectly for conversation and laughs. The bar, although small, is a perfect gathering place. In the words of a guest named Maggie:

It’s like a house party that you showed up at wondering whose house it is, and you don’t want to leave when it’s over.

I say “guest” because that’s how you feel when you’re there; not a customer or a number, but a guest that is treated like a friend. Owner Matt and his family have done something really special for this small business and the vision is only going to grow for this unique property.

Now let’s go outside to the “sand bar”.

I love outside drinking. The shaded picnic tables and sand take your imagination to another place. In the heart of Lexington, you’ve been transported to an oasis. The watering hole for your soul.

The grand opening for the Dam House is June 29th, 2019. Here is a link to their website for more information:

Dam Good Beer

Also while you are there don’t forget to stop at The Honey Soul Boutique also grand opening the same day. This boutique is giving back in a big way!

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